Juice Plus+

Why such an emphasis on eating a wide variety of plant foods; especially fruits and vegetables – every day?

To be Healthy, have Energy, prevent Disease, and to Look and Feel our Best, our bodies need ‘real, whole‘ food –  ‘plant’ food – fruits and vegetables – to repair and renew itself.

Fruits and vegetables contain important vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals (plant chemicals) that repair the body at the cellular level.

However, the missing link in most people’s diets is consuming enough variety of fruits and vegetables (emphasis on vegetables)

As a result, the body lacks the critical nutrition it needs to achieve and maintain health benefits such as ideal weight, increased energy, healthy skin and teeth, reduced risk for many diseases, and a strengthened immune system to fight off illness.  

To add to this problem, much of the produce we eat today is not as nutritious as we think it is.  Fields are not rotated as in the past which leads to soil depletion of many important vitamins and minerals.  Plus, produce is often picked early, before it fully ripens and all the nutrition is in place, so it gets to market and our tables before it starts to rot.      

Eating a wide variety of plant foods is so important for our health, because each color provides different nutrients and importance for different parts of the body – Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, White, Brown, Purple, and Blue.  

This is why it is recommended we “eat a rainbow every day.”   

So if fruits and vegetables are critical to our health, energy and appearance – and we don’t, can’t or won’t eat the variety and amount we need every day to achieve optimal health – what are we to do?  

There is a simple, convenient and inexpensive way to bridge the gap between what we eat – and what we should eat.  

It is called Juice PLUS+©.

Juice PLUS+© is REAL food made from 30 Fruits, Vegetables, Berries and Grapes.

Juice PLUS+© is picked at the peak of ripeness when all the produce contains maximum nutrition.  

This produce is juiced and dried at high enough temperature so it dries but low enough temperature so it retains its nutrition.  

The patented process removes the water from the juiced produce resulting in a concentrated powder.  It delivers the whole food nutrition of fresh produce – with almost no sugar (so even diabetics can take it), starch (which is converted into sugar), or salt (which may raise blood pressure).  

The concentrated powder is put into convenient capsules and tasty chewables.  Kids and adults love them!

What sets Juice Plus+© apart is the volume of clinical research, conducted in leading hospitals and universities around the world, showcasing the proven health benefits of adding Juice Plus+© to your diet.    

Juice Plus+© is the most researched nutritional product in a capsule in the world.

As much as I appreciate research affirming results, I also appreciate personal experience.  It is what has created such enthusiasm among those taking Juice Plus+©.  

I started taking Juice Plus+© over 20 years ago.  I was learning about the importance of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.  It is the foundation of a healthy diet.  

Fruits and Vegetables contribute so much to the level of health we desire: Optimal Health, Prevention of Disease, More Energy,  and Vibrant Skin Health. We all want to Look and Feel our Best.

What got me interested in trying Juice Plus+© was hearing people were experiencing MORE ENERGY. As someone with an under-active thyroid who often felt fatigued, this was very intriguing.    

I was told to give Juice Plus+© a chance to work in my body. After all, it is just food, and food takes time to regenerate new healthy cells.  After a couple of months, I started noticing a difference. I was staying up later and getting up earlier.  I felt like I had more time in my day.  I was thrilled!  

It didn’t end there.  Taking Juice Plus+© was also a catalyst to eating healthier.  As I learned about the health benefits of consuming more produce and whole food, I wanted all the benefits:  Great Health – More Energy – Weight Loss – Great Skin – Prevention of Disease.    

One of the many health benefits of eating healthy is reducing risk for disease. In reverse, when the body is in good health, it is better able to fight off an unwanted condition.

Eating healthy does make a difference.    

Now all these years later, I am still enjoying the many health benefits of Juice Plus+©.  

As a Health, Nutrition & Weight Loss Coach, I see how most people’s diets are missing enough variety and amounts of plant food.  This prevents them from achieving their health goals of wonderful Health, lots of Energy, reducing their risk for disease, desired Weight, and just Looking and Feeling their Best.  This is why I continue to share the health benefits of Juice Plus+© to bridge the gap.   

Juice Plus+© works.  It is easy, convenient, and affordable.  It is a great addition to anyone’s diet.  

Juice Plus+© is affordable.  

At only $2.38/day – you get nutrition from 30 Fruits, Vegetables, Berries/Grapes.  

At only $1.49/day for adults and $.82/day for children – you get nutrition from 20 Fruits and Vegetables.  

When you shop for produce, how much can you buy for $2.38?  $1.49?  $.82?

Families  – with children ages 4 to full-time in college – can save even more. To help families eat healthier, the company has created the Juice Plus+© Children’s Health Study, the largest children’s health study in the world.  Click at the top to learn how children can get their Juice Plus+©  FREE.