Do you struggle with your HEALTH?  ENERGY?  WEIGHT?      

You probably have even tried following someone else's diet or lifestyle program – and had some results. 

But unless the foods you eat and lifestyle you live are not what you enjoy, these programs are challenging to maintain permanently.

Eat.YOUR.OWN.Diet.TM is a personalized Health, Nutrition, and Weight Loss coaching program, based on the right foods and lifestyle you enjoy.  

Most of us want to do the right things - eat healthy, drink water, exercise, reduce stress, and rest.  When some of these habits are not already a part of your daily routine, it is challenging – sometimes overwhelming - to start incorporating them into your daily living.  

Support and guidance makes all the difference.  

And once you know what works best for you, you will never have to worry about diet and lifestyle again.          

What are right foods?

All foods do not work the same for everybody.  Right foods are nutritionally rich foods that get metabolized and absorbed by the body which results in wonderful health benefits. Cells and tissues get repaired and renewed which improves health, enables some medications to get reduced/eliminated, increases energy, and creates ideal weight.

When we eat foods that lack nutrition and do not get metabolized and absorbed by the body, we end up with the opposite effect:  poor health, low energy, and unwanted weight. 

We test to find your right foods and ideal healthy lifestyle habits. 

Changing one's diet and lifestyle is not easy.  Many get confused and frustrated.  Much of what we eat and do are from life-long habits combined with new habits picked up along the way based on what we hear and hope works.


Eat.YOUR.OWN.Diet.TM  works because it is based on Bio-individuality

Bio-individuality means there is no one way of eating or diet that works for everybody. Food perfect for your unique body, age and lifestyle may result in another person gaining weight and feeling lethargic.

By working together, we discover the food and healthy lifestyle choices that best support you. You create a healthy life that is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline.  Making gradual, lifelong changes enables you to reach your current and future health goals.


Eat.YOUR.OWN.Diet.TM  works because it gets Results 

(As reported by clients)

  • Weight Loss.  
  • Increased Energy.  
  • Improved Health.  
  • Medications Reduced/Eliminated.  
  • Healthier Skin.           
  • Improved Digestion.  
  • No more Constipation.  
  • Improved Hydration.  
  • Reduced Stress.  
  • Improved Sleep.
  • Nutrition Education.  
  • Understand Food Labels.  
  • Shop Healthy.  
  • Home Pantry Stocked Healthy.                            
  • More Organized.  
  • Enjoy Exercise More.  
  • Happier.  
  • More Confident.  
  • Family Healthier.  

Yes…. good health positively affects many areas of life.


Eat.YOUR.OWN.Diet.TM works because it is Convenient

Coaching is provided over the phone so it fits into your schedule.  (Meeting in person is available in Manhattan.)

The length of your program depends on your goals.


Ready to Stop the Struggle with HEALTH?  ENERGY? WEIGHT?

Learn how Eat.YOUR.OWN.Diet.TM will Benefit you.

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