For over 20 years, I have been in the health, nutrition, and wellness industry.  I found myself in this industry when, in 1993, the company I was representing altered direction by entering the world of ‘whole food nutrition.’ 

We began introducing Juice Plus+© into the marketplace – concentrated fruit and vegetable powders in capsules.

I felt fortunate landing in this new field.  I started learning about the connection between the food we eat and how we look and feel – and most importantly – how this connection helps us reduce our risk for disease.    

I also felt fortunate because Juice Plus+© was attracting a wide range of healthcare professionals who already understood the connection between nutrition and health.  They were generous in educating us on what they knew and the difference a wide variety of fruit and vegetables – real, whole food – make in reducing our risk for disease, improving our health, energy and appearance.  

Other than taste and weight gain, I never thought much about food.  Luckily I naturally loved and ate lots of salads and vegetables, but I didn’t think more about nutrition than this.   

I started understanding that what we eat influences the health of our cells and tissues.  Not only were my insides getting healthier, but changes were showing on the outside, too.   I loved that!

I had more energy.  My skin radiated health.  My normal two colds/year were gone.  I lost weight. 

As my understanding and passion about nutrition grew, I heard about a nutrition school that piqued my interest.  The school was training individuals to become health coaches. 

What interested me most about the school was this is where I thought I would finally learn THE diet that would allow me to take off unwanted weight – and keep it off.        

What I learned was a lot more than that.  We studied over 100 dietary theories, all based in science, all work.  They just don’t work for everyone.

The school calls this bio-individuality.

We all metabolize and absorb food differently.  Once we identify the foods and lifestyle that works best for each of us, we naturally reach our health goals whether that be improving health, having more energy, reducing risk for disease, losing weight – or all of it.  

For me, once I started applying what I was learning, the weight naturally came off, and I had even more energy.  

The results were exciting, and I started taking on clients.  They got results, too.